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To help turn back the hands of time and to avoid lines and wrinkles from occurring on the upper section of the face, Hebe Medical Spa in Fishkill, NY is pleased to offer BOTOX. This nonsurgical treatment offers gorgeous results and is extremely popular among both men and women. This injectable can make a big improvement to dynamic lines and wrinkles, which are created by making expressions with the contracting muscles on the upper face. These facial lines go away when the face is relaxed, but dynamic lines can still remain. This muscle relaxer is a filtered strain of type A botulinum toxin that temporarily freezes the movements of the muscle. To correct these static lines, BOTOX is carefully injected to soften the skin. BOTOX is most commonly administered by Dr. Zainab Mogul-Ashraf between the brows, around the eyes (Crow’s feet), and along the forehead.

woman with arm above her head

Ideal Candidates

BOTOX injections are ideal for patients who want to smooth the visible look of dynamic lines on their upper face nonsurgically. BOTOX is also used as a preventive anti-aging treatment, even if you are younger — keep in mind of how often you find yourself making facial expressions. It is a great, noninvasive approach if you have forehead wrinkles or noticeable furrows between the brows. It is also a solution for lines that form around the eyes. If you experience more severe and deeper lines, an injectable filler may be recommended.

Procedure Technique

BOTOX injections are completed as an outpatient procedure directly at Hebe Medical Spa. If it is your first time to visit our office in Fishkill, NY to get BOTOX, we may perform the treatment during the same day as your initial consultation with Dr. Zainab. You will be asked to make various expressions using your upper face, like frowning, squinting, smiling, etc., to help us to mark where the injections are to be placed. The face will be prepared and BOTOX will be injected through a fine needle, followed with a cool compress to help decrease any discomfort, swelling, and bruising. You can ask for a numbing cream to help make the procedure more comfortable, but it is usually not necessary. BOTOX treatments typically take around 10 – 15 minutes.

What to Expect

Following the injection, you can resume your typical activities, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for a minimum of 24 hours. You will be advised to sleep upright for at least one night and to avoid touching your face, which can accidentally spread the BOTOX to other areas. The injected sections of your face can be slightly bruised, red, or swollen for a few days, but you should not experience any severe or lasting side effects. In most cases, it takes around one week before the final results of BOTOX are visible. The results typically last 3 – 4 months. You can talk to your BOTOX injector about when to make touch-up appointments at Hebe Medical Spa to maintain your results.

Smile Without Worry

Don’t worry! You can laugh, smile, frown, and make any other face you want without getting fine lines and wrinkles with BOTOX injectable treatments. To smooth and prevent lines on the face, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zainab in Fishkill, NY to learn more about this amazing, nonsurgical relaxer for wrinkles. We look forward to meeting you and helping you obtain your cosmetic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of Belotero will vary, depending on the number of syringes that are needed to address your cosmetic concerns. During your consultation, Dr. Zainab will be able to assess your profile and create a custom treatment plan. From there, she can provide an estimate of your cost and go over all your payment options.

How does it work?

There are many reputable fillers on the market today, each with their set of benefits. While several filler products comprised of hyaluronic acid exist, Belotero works a bit differently to interact with the mid to deep dermis for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. The differences between the hyaluronic fillers can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Is it safe?

Yes. Belotero is an FDA-approved treatment that has undergone extensive tests to validate its efficacy and safety. It has been on the cosmetic market for years and is popular among both men and women. It is especially a great option for those who wish to diminish nasolabial folds or smile lines.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed to attain optimal results will vary from patient to patient. Typically, Belotero results will appear almost immediately and can last up to 6 – 12 months. On average, most patients visit our office 2 – 3 times a year for touch-ups.

Filler or BOTOX?

If you want to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without having to undergo a surgical procedure, like a facelift, then an injectable treatment may be an ideal solution. While both fillers and BOTOX work to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, they are different. BOTOX temporarily freezes the underlying facial muscles for a smoother appearance, while fillers use a gel to eliminate wrinkles.

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